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3D Mammography

3-D Mammography

With early detection, the five-year breast cancer survival rate is almost 100%. 3-D mammography can detect breast cancer up to 15 months earlier than standard mammography. 

It also detects 41% more invasive cancers, while reducing false alarms by up to 40%. Call us today at 254-968-6051!
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Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

The Genius 3-D Mammography™ exam is the first and only clinically superior breast exam that takes images of multiple levels of tissue. This is also approved by the FDA.
The exam is similar to a conventional 2-D mammogram (the ones you are accustomed to having done at SMSC). 
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3D mammogram

Clearer Images

You will be positioned by the technologist, the breasts will be compressed, and images from different angles will be obtained. 

There is no extra compression required, but the images are with better details, and the radiologist views the breast tissue in layers instead of a flat image.
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