River North Pharmacy

River North Pharmacy

Imagine being sick and being at Stephenville Medical & Surgical Clinic to see your doctor. You’ve got the flu, and all you want to do is go home and crawl into bed. But, because you use a pharmacy across town that does not deliver, you have to drive all the way there, find a parking place, walk in and stand in line for your prescription. Finally after 20-30 minutes, you get to go home and crawl into bed.

Now, imagine that same scenario except that you ask the doctor to send your prescription to River North Pharmacy because you know you can leave the doctor’s office and then walk right into River North Pharmacy, pick up your meds and you’re on the way home to that bed! Or, you can opt to have your medications delivered to your home. Either way, it’s more convenient for you to use River North Pharmacy for all your medication needs.

Compare River North prices with other pharmacies in town, and you will find River North offers competitive pricing, and is locally owned and operated. We accept most insurance including Medicaid, and our delivery service is free. 

Our experienced staff is proud to serve you with our full-service pharmacy and assure each customer complete confidentiality and satisfaction.
Our Hours are:

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM - Noon
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