SMSC Breast Clinic Mammogram Special

The SMSC Breast Clinic is proud to be partnering with Peacock’s Restaurant again this year! Schedule your appointment for your yearly mammogram in the month of October and you will be able to take a copy of your fee ticket with you to either Peacock’s location (South Loop or Lingleville Highway) for a free meal!

During the month of October the SMSC Breast Clinic offers mammograms at a special rate of $75.00 (regular, routine, 2D) or $125.00 (3D mammo) for patients without insurance or patients with a very high deductible. Interested to see if you qualify? Give our SMSC Breast Clinic a call today at 254-968-6051 ext 4282.

Dr. Nanette Evans reads and consults on all mammograms performed at SMSC Breast Clinic.